About EFPN

Our Mission:

Elder Financial Protection Network (EFPN) works to prevent the financial abuse of elders through innovative partnerships that build public awareness, drive community outreach and provide professional training.

Over the past year, EFPN has worked towards finding more environmentally responsible ways of connecting with seniors, colleagues and friends. This blog provides updates on our community education outreach, as well as our professional training programs.

Call to Action is the premier elder abuse financial prevention summit event in the state of California.  So stay tuned to the blog for the latest updates on speakers, conference topics, new sponsors,  award ceremony honorees, our silent auction and more!

EFPN’s address is:

550 Montgomery Street, Suite 625
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 415.956.5556
Fax: 415.956.5559


EFPN’s offices, in the historic former Bank of Italy building, are made possible through a generous donation by First Bank.


One Response to About EFPN

  1. Joyce Schmitz says:

    It’s interesting that the article by Heather Cassell indicates that Ca is “Poised to lead the halt of financial elder abuse and other abuse” when the state has all but eliminated funding for the Ombudsman Program. Financial elder abuse takes place everywhere-including in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. Long Term Care Ombudsman are these residents advocate-sometimes the only person trying to look out for them!!!

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