An older American speaks to (L-R) Chief Deputy L.A. D.A. Jackie Lacey, Assistant Director for the Office of Older Americans Skip Humphrey, and EFPN founder Jenefer Duane.

Los Angeles, CA  – On Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Elder Financial Protection Network (EFPN) rolled out its six-month community outreach program to an audience of nearly 200 seniors and elder justice advocates, including Hubert “Skip” Humphrey III, Assistant Director for the Office of Older Americans;
State Senator Kevin De León; and L.A. County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey. The program will start in January 2012 and will include monthly grassroots outreach and education programs to low-income and minority seniors, their family members and caretakers. EFPN will also conduct rallies and symposiums to bring public awareness to the economic impact of financial fraud and abuse, to educate and advocate for the strengthening of current laws by the legislature, and to discuss issues that still need to be addressed.

Jenefer Duane, CEO and Founder, stated, “We believe that our program will make a great impact in protecting seniors from financial predators. We are excited about working with our partners to make 2012 the Year of Elder Protection in California.”

Volunteer Jade Lee hands conference materials to an older American.

As the population of California ages, it is imperative to ensure they are not vulnerable to fraud and abuse. According to the California Department of Aging, some counties in the state will experience close to 150% growth in its senior population by 2022. With such a rapid rate of population expansion, Elder Financial Protection Network seeks to educate, support and protect seniors, as well as provide educational tools to those sectors of the community that interact with them on a daily basis.

State Senator Kevin De León speaks to Helen Karr, EFPN Board Member, at Call to Action: Southern California.

“If we are going to be prepared to handle the issues that will come with the growth of the senior community, we need to expand the conversation concerning the financial, legal and caretaker questions posed in the Improving California’s Response to Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation report by the California Elder Justice Workshop”, declared Ms. Duane.  “I know we can make real changes for Older Americans, especially with the new leadership of Skip Humphrey, Senator De León, and Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey spearheading this initiative.”

Photos by Mona T. Brooks


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