6th Annual Call to Action event to spotlight prominent elder abuse case of Brooke Astor

Philip Marshall’s quest to protect his famous and wealthy grandmother Brooke Astor from devastating financial abuse put a national spotlight on a problem that a recent MetLife study, Broken Trust, found costs American seniors $2.6 billion annually.

Marshall will share his story in the keynote address at the Elder Financial Protection Network’s (EFPN) 6th annual Call to Action conference and awards ceremony on March 25, 2010 in San Francisco.

This year’s meeting comes at a time not only of increased attention to the problem of elder financial abuse, thanks to the media coverage of the Astor case, but also one of increased risk of financial abuse of seniors because of the current economic downturn. These factors combined with the progress being made toward passing a national Elder Justice Act, could make this year a watershed moment for the problem of elder financial abuse.

“In today’s economic climate, elders are at greater risk than ever of being targeted for fraud and financial abuse,” said Jenefer Duane, founder and CEO of EFPN. “The wealth of information shared by Mr. Marshall and our other great speakers at the Call to Action 2010 event will expand our insight and wisdom about how to prevent this growing problem.”

Marshall will join 10 other speakers at this year’s event, which will bring together experts and community advocates from across the country for a day-long learning experience on the growing crime of elder financial abuse. Several hundred representatives of financial institutions, law enforcement, elder justice advocates and the legal community are expected to attend the event.

“Raising awareness is key to confronting the problem of elder financial abuse,” said Mr. Marshall, a professor of historic preservation at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, “and I hope the visibility my grandmother gave to the issue becomes her lasting legacy.”

Call to Action 2010 will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Holiday Inn – Golden Gateway, a new location for the event, and will feature speakers on diverse aspects of elder financial abuse. The program will also include EFPN annual awards to leaders in the fight against elder financial abuse.

EFPN is an award-winning non-profit organization that works to prevent financial abuse of elders and dependent adults through community education programs, public awareness initiatives, and professional training programs. For information, visit http://www.bewiseonline.org or call (415) 956-5556.


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