Hello Washington DC!

JD-OWLHi everyone!  I’ve just joined the Elder Financial Protection Network as Program Manager and what exciting things are brewing, starting NOW!

First, Jenefer Duane, CEO of EFPN has been working closely with the National Council on Aging and the Elder Justice Coalition in Washington DC to advocate for the passage of the Elder Justice Act!  She’s off to Washington DC to be one of four presenters at a policy briefing to Congress on Capitol Hill on Monday morning.  The passage of the Elder Justice ACT by Congress is imperative for the safety and security of today’s elders and the elders of the future.  That’s every one of us!

Second, we need you to raise your voice!  On Monday, Jenefer will present a report on the online petition EFPN has hosted in collaboration with the National Council on Aging, the Elder Justice Coalition, Witness and OWL.  Here’s what you can do to help: please sign our online petition to pass the Elder Justice Act. It’s fast, easy, anonymous and secure. No one else will see or receive your email info (we have complete control over all the data received). Nearly 2,000 have signed to date and we need to gather as many as possible by Sunday night! 

How do you sign the online petition?  Easy.  Go to our beautiful new website at http://www.bewiseonline.org.  There is a tab on the home page that says Elder Justice Now! Raise your Voice to Congress! Sign the Petition. This will take you to the Info page where you can click on “sign the petition” button.

One more favor please…pass this on to everyone you know that you think will support this and ask them to raise their voice to Congress to protect our nation’s elders from abuse and exploitation.

We can’t drive this important legislation without your support!

You have the power to change the future with just a click!  Thank you.

Patricia Berry – Program Manager


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