Fall Newsletter – Legislative Action

Legislative Action, Nick Warner By Nick Warner, EFPN Legislative Analyst,
Managing Partner, Warner & Pank, LLC

Warner & Pank, LLC, monitors and advises EFPN on law and legislation related to elder financial issues. Our firm assists EFPN staff and board members in building our coalition with key partners in law enforcement, adult protective services and legislative and regulatory communities.

Although the Elder Financial Protection network has not, to date, taken any formal positions on legislation, we do work collaboratively to provide technical support to members of the legislature on pending legislation of interest. For example, we were key advisers to the legislature and law enforcement as it relates to Assembly Bill 1018 (2005), which made all officers and employees of banks, federal and state credit unions and their affiliates who suspect financial elder or dependent adult abuse as mandated reporters of suspected financial abuse of elders and dependent adults.

We will continue to monitor legislative and regulatory branches for legal and legislative issues that impact our mission. On EFPN’s website (www.bewiseonline.org), you will find related bills that the Governor signed or vetoed that are relevant to EFPN. [Please note that even bills that failed passage this year are eligible to be reconsidered in January.] Contact Warner & Pank at (916) 448.7818 or nick@warnerandpank.com.


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